Sharon Casey

Sharon was introduced to dancing at a very early age following in her sister’s footsteps and began competing at the age of four. Sharon loved to dance and would sit and watch the competitors and come home and practice the movements over and over. Highland Dancing has given Sharon many opportunities to compete across Canada and by living in the National Capital was fortunate to dance at the Governor General’s Garden Party and is pictured in the National Geographic for the Tulip Festival. Sharon began the Dillon School of Highland Dancing as soon as she was an associate teacher at 16 and ran this school before and after attending the University of Toronto and while going to Algonquin College to specialize in working with people with special needs.

After Sharon married and moved to the Toronto GTA she did not teach dancing until her daughter Laura was ten. She became recertified as a member of B.A.T.D. and began the Casey School of Highland Dancing. The school has run successfully since then providing opportunities for the dancers to compete, perform and acquire dance technique through exams. Highland Dancing is difficult to learn and to develop the endurance needed to be successful thus it teaches skills they will use for the rest of their lives. This has provided us with our motto “Inspiring Lifelong Success” because “Hard work can be Fun”. Sharon now holds the top level of teaching passing the Fellow Exam in B.A.T.D.

Laura Casey

Laura has been dancing since the age of four beginning with ballet. She quickly changed to Highland Dancing and was successful in competitions and examinations. Laura began teaching at the Casey School of Highland Dancing and at The Dance Shoppe upon acquiring her Associate Teachers through the B.A.T.D. at the age of 16. Laura ran the Highland Dancing Program at The Dance Shoppe for seven years and continues to teach at the Casey School of Highland Dancing with 8 years experience. Laura is married, has a very young son and continues to teach. Laura has a natural talent to organize and helps run the Dance School. Laura has her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree and Recreation and Leisure Therapist diploma. She is working in a Long Term Care Facility as the Program Manager and Volunteer coordinator.

Erin McCartan has been dancing with the Casey School of Highland Dancing since she was 11 years of age. Erin also competed in Irish dancing for 5 years. Erin successfully competed and performed with the Casey School of Highland Dancing to support our ventures in the Community and achieved her associate teachers with B.A.T.D. when she was 17 years of age. Erin has taught at the Casey School of Highland Dancing for the past 7 years and has completed her Faculty of Education to work in the Elementary School System. She currently works as an elementary school board.